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New Online Classes

RSOTA begins Online CLASSES for all Semesters.

For more Information Call Office  (289) 893-1053. Email [email protected] 

Registration,  print off, and fill out the Application form, email to [email protected] For E-transfer please use the same email address

NOTE: For All Advanced Program Use this Email For All Subjects E-Transfer Payment [email protected]

Online Classes Information

RSOTA is pleased to announce that all programs are available in Online Classroom. Certificate, Diploma, and all Advanced Programs.

 Registration: Print off and fill out the Application Form, email it to [email protected] For other information such as cost for the programs, please contact the office (289) 893-1053.

Payment: E-transfer, use email [email protected] Money Order payable to Rhema Studies of Theology Association. Mail to RSOTA, 60 Tormina Blvd. Whitby, ON. L1R 3B6. 

For Advanced Subjects, Payment Use Email [email protected]

Rhema Studies of Theology Association will conduct two nightly classes online through Zoom. The classes will be conducted on Monday and Thursday nights from 7:30 P.M to 9 P.M. Please go to Semester Schedule for more information 

Note: To complete the Certificate Program in One Year, the Student must do Two Subjects in One Semester. Same for the Diploma Program.


Rhema Studies of Theology Association is an Interdenominational Bible Training School. Committed to delivering quality teaching that is Christ-centred and Relevant. Teaching that is Holy Spirit inspiring and illuminating, designed to equip Believers to do the work of the ministry (Ephesians 4:11-16). 

Orientation Evening - Date to be posted


Please download the Zoom App to access classes

 (If you do not have the App)

Login Info will be sent to your Email the Day before Class



           TH-001-C Systematic Theology One

           TH-002-C Minor Prophets

           TH-003 -C General Epistles

           TH-004-C Book of Acts

           TH-005-C Personal Evangelism

           TH-006-C The Will of God

           TH-007-C Biblical Communication.


           TH-001-D Systematic Theology Two

           TH-002-D Old Testament Survey

           TH-003-D New Testament Survey

           TH-004-D Christian Leadership

           TH-005-D The Tabernacle

           TH-006-D Church History

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